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Book: Step-By-Step Guide
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Date: Friday, 12 August 2022, 1:56 PM


Areas of Your Learning Program

1. Home

This page is your landing page. When you log into your learning program you will land on the Home page. On this page you will find:

    •   Information to get started
    •   Important Announcements from GGS
    •   Blogs and Podcasts

2. Dashboard

Your dashboard is the heart of your learning program. This page gives you a view of how you are doing through various performance trackers and provides easy access to the courses you have been enrolled in.

3. Courses

The courses contain Gerry Grossman Seminars content. This is where you go to access your materials.

4. How to Navigate Your Program

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is on the left side of your screen. There are three key areas of navigation on this bar. The navigation bar is visible on each page throughout your program.

    •   Dashboard – Click on the Dashboard icon to go to your program dashboard.
    •   Home – Click on the Site Home icon to go to your landing page.
    •   My Course – When you click on this icon, all the courses you have purchased will show below. Simply click the course you want to go to and it will take you there.

5. About Your Home Page

Your site home page is the first place you will go to when you log into your learning program. The page is broken into three sections:

    •   Getting Started
    •   Announcements
    •   Blogs and Podcast

5.1. Getting Started

This section is designed to help you start your study journey off easily. In this area, you can watch a quick walkthrough of the primary functions of your learning program, access a FAQ and a step-by-step guide to your program, jump to your courses, or contact our customer service team.

5.2. Announcements

Keep in the know with what is going on with Gerry Grossman Seminars. The GGS team will post important information on your home page including upcoming holiday hours, new updates to your learning programs, and when new study tools are available.

5.3. Blogs and Podcasts

Our blogs and podcasts have been directly linked to your learning program. Keep up to date with helpful blog topics for studying and podcasts about topics facing the Behavioral and Mental Health community.

6. About Your Dashboard

Your dashboard has two functions: to track your learning progress through various performance trackers

and provide easy access to your courses.

6.1. Performance Trackers

Our performance trackers focus on key areas of your progress to provide an overview of your strengths and weakness.

6.2. Test Day Countdown

Enter your test date and have a visual countdown to that date on your dashboard to help you stay motivated and accountable.

6.3. Questions Answered Correctly

Track the number of questions you’ve answered correctly as you study for your exam. Click on the Learn More button to also see the number of questions you’ve answered incorrectly and have left unanswered in the quizzes and exams you’ve completed.

6.4. Totals Hours Spent In Program

Track how long you’ve studied in your program. This feature is developed to help you stay motivated and assess your readiness for the exam.

6.5. Score Progress

This area will track your score progress on exams and quizzes over the last 60 days. Additionally, you will see your score average over the last 30 days and compare it to your score average for the previous 30 days.

6.6. Domain Breakdown

Track your progress by each domain.

7. Course Overview

Get quick access to all the courses in your program. Courses are listed alphabetically and set to show all courses currently active. If you are looking to view pieces of your program that have expired, switch your view from “In Progress” to “Past.”

8. Accessibility Settings

Located at the bottom of your navigation bar, this feature allows you to customize your program view for your visual needs including changing text size and screen color.

9. About Your Course Pages

Courses hold all the content, quizzes, exams, and live online workshop access links.

9.1. Course Navigation Bar

The navigation bar changes slightly when you are in a course. Course specific navigation replaces the overall navigation pieces at the top of the navigation bar including the title, a section to view your grades in that specific course, and a dropdown to view course sections, if your course has multiple topics and sections. The overall program navigation is right under that area.

9.2. Right-Hand Features

These features are designed to make your learning experience more efficient. These features include:

  •   Enrollment tracker – view how much time you have left in your course.
  •   Extension option – simply click on the extension option if you need more time. The extension feature will then take you to our site to finish your extension purchase.
  •   Exam results by domain – track your performance with your specific course by domain.

9.3. Question Feedback

If you come across a question for which you have identified an issue while taking a quiz or exam, simply click the feedback button on that question, explain the issue, and click submit. Our content team will review the feedback and adjust as necessary.

10. About Workshops

Registering For A Workshop Session

Once you've logged into your account and navigated to your course from your dashboard, you will find the session dates and times listed for your Live Online Workshop. Click on the Live Online Sessions registration link and enter your name and email to sign up. Once registered, you will receive an email with information about your workshop and a unique link to join the Zoom meeting. Note: All session times are shown as Pacific Time Zone, so please be aware of what time this equates to in your time zone. 

Accessing A Workshop Session

Once you've registered for your Live Online Workshop, you will receive an email with details about your Zoom meeting and a unique link to join your session. If your workshop has multiple sessions, you will use this same link to access each session, so be sure to keep the link for your records.